Deposit bond requirements

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Deposit Bond Requirements

1. Checklist applying to all applications

Deposit bond application form to be fully completed, signed and witnessed. An application with original signatures must be received prior to release of the bond.

Photocopy of identification supporting a 100 point ID check, eg passport =70, birth certificate = 70, drivers licence = 40, medicare/credit cards = 25 points

Copy of the front page of the Contract for Sale of the property being purchased.

All pages containing any special conditions within the Contract for Sale for the property being purchased.

2. Checklist of additional items applying to bond terms up to six months only

Signed Unconditional Loan Entitlement or offer from a recognised financial institution.

Evidence of additional funds required to be contributed towards the purchase, eg savings statements, etc.

3. Checklist of additional items applying to bond terms in excess of six months

Confirmation of income ie. the last 2 salary pay slips immediately preceding this application, current letter from an employer, or last tax return and tax assessment notice, if self employed.

Rates notice on your existing property in order to confirm ownership. Bond applicants must be the same person(s) or entity as the property owner.

If your property is under finance, a copy of the mortgage statements for the 3 months immediately preceding this application.

Confirmation of the value of your existing property may be required from a Real Estate Agent or Registered Valuer where requested by Deposit Bond Australia.

  For company purchasers:

Application form: All directors/shareholders must fully complete the applicant details of the application form, sign and have witnessed. A separate deed of guarantee and indemnity is also required to be signed by all parties. Deposit Bond Australia will provide this once assessment has taken place.

Income confirmation: Full latest financials, including notes, for the company and current interims provided by an accountant if available. In addition personal tax returns for the directors/shareholders.

  For superannuation fund/trust purchasers:
  Copy of the trust deed to provide proof that the entity is authorised to enter into the Contract for Sale.


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